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About Me

Body Wisdom - Movement Learning Center

Offering private lessons, group classes, and workshops in
The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Sandra Rae River - Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner cm
For Over 25 Years.

Private Lessons
Functional Integration lessons are one on one sessions with a practitioner who uses gentle, non-invasive touch and verbal instructions to guide the student in a personalized movement process.
Group Classes
In Awareness Through Movement lessons, the teacher guides students through movements that explore daily functions such as reaching, turning, breathing, or walking.
I offer 4 to 5 workshops per year, each one focused on common areas of concern, e.g.: shoulders, the back, neck, sitting comfortably walking well, breathing, balance, and more. I also design workshops to serve the needs and interests of specific groups, e.g.: musicians, therapists, computer users, office workers, teachers, and dancers.

Discover the Feldenkrais Method and discover yourself! My aim is to help you discover your innate ability to direct your own improvement.

The Feldenkrais Method helps people of all ages learn to move more easily. It enriches your life and expands your abilities. These gentle innovative lessons allow you to observe how you move, notice and release unnecessary tension, and improve your overall coordination.

You can learn to: Sandy has helped hundreds of people of all ages and abilities, including: